Monday, January 12, 2015

Lowe 6 months

Bad news, your big hair is starting to lay flat. Don't get me wrong you still have some lift but its not straight up like it used to be. Daddy likes it and says it gives you a softer look:)

In more exciting news you are officially an un-supported sitter. Might I add that you have the most prim and proper posture. Cracks me up! Along with mastering this skill came along your want to be included in everything we do. You are no longer happy in your bouncy seat while we eat at the dinner table. You want to be sitting with us at the dinner table. Brox says, "Lolo wants to come to the party too"

You haven't been the best sleeper the last few weeks. You will sleep through the night a few nights then waking up crying the next. Last night you got up at 11 and 4. Fun stuff. Ready for that phase to be over:)

Next phase...crawling. Cannot wait to watch you master this skill. We love you sweet girl!

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