Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Eve

We had such a wonderful Christmas celebrating with our complete family of four. We love both of you to the moon and back and are so blessed to make such magical memories with the both of you over the holidays.

Hot mess! It is so hard to get a pic of a toddler and a baby that can't sit up yet. Lowe I promise your outfit was cute, you just look a wreck in these pics:)

                           My sweet handsome angel!

                             Cuddly little girl!

                             Nana working on Christmas Eve dinner

                             The craft room before picture. You will definitely want to see the after!

                             You and great-grandma have a special connection. She loves loving on you!

                          Thanking great-grandpa for his gift

      and the craft room after picture. What a mess! The kiddos had a blast though!

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