Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine!

 Now that me and Daddy are working opposite schedules we savor every moment that we have with you together. Especially lazy saturday mornings.  Mornings are when you are at your silliest and your hair is at its craziest. Definitely one of the funnest times of the day with you! Here is a little recap of our mornings together.
 Messing around waiting for breakfast. Putting a wooden fork through your crazy hair.

 Still waiting on breakfast. This smile cracks me up!
 After breakfast its time for a little light reading on the couch...
 and horse playing with Daddy

 and now you decided to run away to Nana's house. You are a bit to close to reaching that lock!

 After you got dressed it was time to go outside for a little play-set playtime.

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