Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Love love love our family and all of our fun Easter traditions. We feel so blessed to be in the new house and start making memories here. And being able to walk to most of our Easter outings is a plus! We also had our first overnight guests (Sherry, Tim Braden and Mckinley) You and the kiddos had so much fun together!

 Ready for church (you are holding the carrot that he is leaving for the Easter bunny)

You were so amazed that the bunny ate his carrot while he was at church!

 Everyone digging into their Easter goodies.

 Wish you would have smiled but this is about as good as a family pic gets (including getting photo bombed by Clyde)

 Heading to great-grandmas for Easter lunch

 Lots of fun at great-grandma's swinging and hunting eggs

 Lennox was worried you would touch the electric fence. So helpful:)

 Outdoor dining for the kids table

 You and great-grandma

 After the egg hunt great-grandma put Casey and Taylor to work planting cucumbers that you are in charge of picking:)
 You heading home in the wagon for your nap

 Yaya bought you a real backhoe digger!

Fun with confetti eggs

You and PoPo

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