Saturday, October 26, 2013

First Hospital Trip

Getting a breathing treatment at Children's Medical Center

Adorable Feel Better pictures that Braden and Mckinley made for you

You had your first trip to the hospital this week and I am hoping it is your last. You had a cold and when I got home from work I noticed you were breathing loud and faster than normal. I kept wondering if it was just because you were congested but I guess mother's intuition kicked in and I decided to call the after hours nurse. She had me lift your shirt and time your breaths per minute and see if your skin was pulling under your ribs when you inhaled. After we timed you she told me I needed to get you to Children's hospital immediately. We jumped in the car with Nana and off we went. The nurses and doctors were fabulous. They got you in quickly and the supervising Dr. came to see you as soon as we got through triage. They gave you steroids and started you on a breathing treatment which you were terrified of at first. Daddy had to hold you down while you screamed and I held the ipad up with Elmo facetime to try and distract you as tears poured down my face and onto your hospital gown. After you calmed down you were such a brave boy. You played and hammed it up to all of the nurses. I said "well I guess he is going to make the best of it" so you kept walking around saying " I Maka the bestofit".  Since Daddy has asthma that is most likely what caused this issue but they will not diagnose you until it happens a few times. Until then we will continue to make the best of it and do your breathing treatments at home that you now actually enjoy doing. It amazes me how quickly you overcame something you were scared of and now crawl straight into my lap with me when I say its time for your treatment. We love you brave little B!

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