Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weekend with Braden and Mckinley

You, Braden and Mckinley had the best time this weekend climbing trees, having a pizza party and just being silly. They were in town all weekend and you guys even shared a room together at night.

The morning after night one Mckinley told us that you talked all night and she had to keep shushing you. We laughed but didn't really believe her. The next night around 10:00pm I went to ya'lls door to listen and sure enough you were blurting out every random word that you knew. Nana, Yaya, door, door, bye bye etc. All the while Mckinley is shushing you like crazy.

When you guys woke up the next morning all I heard was giggles. You guys thought you were so cool to be awake and alone in the room together. It sounded like you were having so much fun so I went and laid back down to let you guys be silly until I heard Braden and Mckinley devising a plan on how to get you out of your crib. Then the party was over!

I love that you guys are so close. You light up every time they are around and you even kiss their pictures on the coffee table when we mention their names. I cannot wait to watch you guys grow up together.

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