Monday, May 20, 2013

18 Months

Your new favorite thing to do is play in the dirt. You love your little dump truck and buckets. Basically anything that is outside and messy is right up your alley!

You are also still into all types of balls. I love watching you get really focused as you try to shoot a basketball into an 8ft tall basket. Hey at least you have ambition and seem to think that it may actually go in!

We have been at Nana's house for a full month now and you are loving the country life. Playing outside, picnics, wagon rides to great-grandmas and lots of family time.

I cannot believe 18 months have already gone by. Time to start planning your second birthday:)

-to many teeth to count
-28 lbs (77%)
-32.75 inches tall (65%)
-head is 99%!

Favorite foods:
-Cheese its
-basically anything that isn't a vegetable

You love:
-playing with dirt
-throwing balls
-being scared (we sneak up on you and chase you around the house while you run and squeal)

List of new words that you know:

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