Friday, March 30, 2012

First Food!

We introduced you to your first food on Sunday evening, mashed avocado. All my friends say that if you introduce avocado first you won't be a picky eater. Hopefully that is true since your dad would only eat chicken nuggets the first 18 years of his life!  We were so excited and had you all set up outside in your bumbo with the camera ready. You seemed to go for the spoon but you didn't really know what to do with the food and kind of just let it sit in your mouth. We tried again a few days later and you did much better. Sweet potatoes are next!

first food from Ashley Colunga on Vimeo.

Very first food! Fresh Avocado

You look interested!

Just letting it sit in your mouth

 Not to happy!

and out it goes. haha!

after you ate we hung out outside and you seemed to be really fascinated with your toes

you look mad at us for making you eat that green stuff!

and now you love us again:)

Daddy loving on you!

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