Friday, March 23, 2012


Your baptism was such a special event filled with lots of family and love. We spent weeks getting ready for the big day to make sure everything was perfect. The first step was finding the perfect design for you baptism gown and having great grandma make it. It turned out beautifully and is something we will cherish and pass down for generations.

On the day of baptism we were a little nervous because you had a horrible cough and stuffy nose but you were a trooper and were in a great mood all day! We got you dressed in your gown and walked over to our church for the ceremony. We chose Aunt Sherry and uncle Tim as your Godparents.We knew they were the perfect choice for this role and will be to provide guidance in so many ways throughout your life. You slept through the entire service and barely whimpered when they poured water on your head. When we were holding you at the alter you kept sneaking smiles at us to let us know you were aware of what was going on.

After the ceremony we all walked to our home and enjoyed sweets and lemonade. I didn't see you through most of the party because everyone was taking turns loving on you and passing you around. It was such a blessing to have our house filled with so much love and everyone coming together to celebrate you. You are one special little boy Brox that has captured the hearts of so many people.

You and Daddy watching TV trying to wake up the morning of your baptism. Both of you take a while to get moving:) I had already been running around getting ready for about 2 hours.
 Great Grandma did such a great job on your gown. I love all the detail work.

Getting you dressed

walking to church

 Braden wanted to cheers to your baptism:)
 Family gathering in the front yard

Time for wardrobe change!

Hanging with YaYa and Nana

Having fun post party
Day in Review

The day ended the same way it started. You and Daddy relaxing, watching TV:)

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