Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Mommy and Daddy's 8 year anniversary

I thought one day you guys might like to look back at some old pics of me and Daddy. In honor of our 8 year wedding anniversary here are some of our best memories together as a couple.

 First trip together. Daddy some how saved up enough money to take me to San Antonio after I graduated college. We stayed at the nicest hotel there, La Mansion Del Rio. It was a fabulous trip and is probably one of the reasons I love San Antonio so much.

 Getting ready for our big outing to the Dallas Cowboys game.

Yes we loved Disney World even before you two were born! Happiest place on earth!

 We were so proud of buying our first house. This was our home in Lakewood that we brought Brox home to after the hospital. So many wonderful memories here.
 Daddy down on one knee proposing to me in front of our closest friends and family. He proposed at our special restaurant, St. Martins Wine Bistro.

 Our wonderful wedding day. This day was pure perfection. So much love, fun and a lot of crazy dancing!

 Our private last dance to Jason Mraz "You and I both"
 Honeymoon time in Costa Rica. We had some much fun zip lining. See mommy is adventurous sometimes!
 Baby moon pregnant with Brox in Hawaii. Daddy was the best man in a wedding in Maui so we turned it into a wedding trip and babymoon.

 Our first picture as a family of three. Sweet baby boy Brox.

 I really wanted to have a special trip with just Brox. I was a few month pregnant with Lowe.

 The day Brox and Lowe met. Such a sweet memory.

 Our first picture at home as a complete family of four. Love love love.

 Fun staycation.

Our first big trip alone since the two of you were born.

We love both of you very much and know how important it is to set a good example for you guys by loving each other and showing you how a good strong marriage looks. We are so blessed to have 8 years of marriage and 13 total years of being together and growing together.

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