Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentines Day

 I had so much fun with you two little love bugs on Valentines Day! I remember Nana always making it a special day for me and I love doing the same for you guys!

 So this is the pic you guys took before your school party. Hot messes!
 You both had so much fun at your parties and Brox's batman box was a huge hit!

 House set up the night before to surprise you guys on v day morning. Includes a waffle making station and a cookie making station!

 Last year we did a Valentines day scavenger hunt and B talked about it all year. I think this will be our new yearly tradition. You guys had so much fun finding the hearts and hearing the "love bug" notes I wrote for each of you on the back of each clue.

 You guys weren't super interested in baking cookies but at least I got this cute pic that looks like you were!


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