Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Brox's 4th Birthday

Cannot believe you are 4! We had a fun filled day that started out with a trip to the donut shop and ended with a dinosaur party.

2 memories for your birthday that say so much about your little personality

-leading up to your birthday I kept joking with you saying I was so sad you were going to be 4 and I wanted you to be 3 forever. The night before your birthday I asked if you were happy about turning 4 and you said you were sad and asked if I was sad that you were going to be 4. I felt so bad that me telling you not to grow up made you sad about turning 4 but I think it is so adorable that you were concerned about how I felt on your birthday.

-I decorated for your party while you were asleep. When you woke up I showed you the decorations including the cool dinosaur decals on the wall. You looked at it and said "hope they don't pull the paint off the wall"

We love you so very much. You are growing up to be such a wonderful, kind, sweet little boy that has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. As you and Lowe get bigger it is amazing to see how sweet and loving you are to her. Happy Birthday big guy! I hope year 4 is the best one yet:)

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