Monday, October 5, 2015

Kaitlyn's Wedding

You guys really rocked it at Kaitlyn's wedding. You mingled, danced and had an all around good time. The best part was your trip down the aisle. I told B to hold sisters hand and not let go which was a mistake because she is not touchy feely and doesn't like holding hands. B had a death grip on her had as she struggled to wiggle out of it. Finally Daddy helped you guys get started down the aisle as I squatted on the front row waiving L's minnie mouse around frantically. B somehow ended up with the flower girl basket and as he dropped petals L picked them back up and put them in the basket. Pretty awesome:) Could not have been any cuter.

 Pre wedding prep

 So grown up and handsome!
 completely impossible to get a good pic of both of you together

Such a big boy standing up front

 action shot!

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