Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lowe 8 months

Well... still no crawling and still no new teeth!

You are mobile though, you just roll everywhere. You get up on all four and rock like you are going to crawl then you slowly just start rolling instead.

8 months is about the time I start dreading these monthly pics. They were so easy when you guys were tiny babies that couldn't move. Now that you are a little wiggle worm it is like wrestling an alligator to get these shots. I had to include some out-takes in this round:)

You rolled completely off the blanket and the rug. You also were fascinated with the 8 month blocks. I tried to give you your own so you wouldn't mess up the 8 month sign but you only wanted to the blocks I didn't want you to have. Such a mess!

We keep saying that you are at such a fun age now! I just want to freeze time and keep you at 8 months and Brox at 3 forever:)

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