Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fun with B

Balancing life with an infant and a toddler has certainly proved to be tricky! We are still making a huge effort to spend plenty of special time with our sweet B. You have been such an amazing big brother and we want you to always know that both you and sister are so loved.

Checking out the auction with mommy. Looks like you found something you wanted to buy!

Popo locked his keys in his car and called his buddies at the local fire station. Who would of thought they would send out a huge engine! This totally made your day.  You talked about it for weeks!

Playdate with your best friend Hadlin! Love that you two play so well together!

Heading to Hawaiin Falls. Daddy took you with Braden and Mckinley a few weeks ago but since sister was such a handful I didn't get to go. We decided to go back one more time this summer so I could enjoy the experience with you to. You had a blast and rode some pretty big slides.

 Daddy is your new barber. You are going to miss Mrs. Nancy but daddy sure does a good job and you think its pretty cool that he cuts your hair.

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