Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hospital Days

We spent Friday through Sunday in the hospital. I quite enjoy the time there. All the rest and attention is fabulous but your Daddy practically shoved me out the door when it was time to be discharged. Apparently he wasn't as comfy there as we were:)

Your very first visitor was your awesome big brother. I was so nervous about how he would do and was so thrilled that he was happy and excited to meet you and see me. He is definitely stepping into the role of big brother and has been completely smitten with you and super helpful.

Our very first picture as a family of four. Very very blessed!

Exchanging gifts. Brox brought you and little matchbox stuffed mouse and you brought him a Planes memory game.

Brox's first time holding you.

Adore this picture of you and Daddy.

Turns out your brother also loves the hospital. He stayed for several hours dancing, pushing buttons and just being silly.

Adorable wreath your Yaya made.

Brother watching the construction site from our window.

Such a good helper!

Flowers from brother.

Still being silly.

Being silly!

Ready to go home.

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