Monday, January 7, 2013

My 30th Birthday

Well I had quite the surprise on Saturday. This Wednesday is my 30th birthday and I told your Daddy over and over that I didn't want a party. I didn't want to stress anyone out and I usually don't like to have big productions on my birthday. We got in the car to head to a quiet dinner as a family and ended up going to a huge surprise party that your Daddy planned for me. I was so shocked, excited and happy all at the same time.

It was amazing to have all of my friends and family together to celebrate. There was tons of food, great music, decorations, drinks and best  of all you got to partake in the fun. You, Hadlin, Braden and Mckinley had the best time running up and down the hall playing. You partied until 12:30am!!! We really underestimated your partying abilities on New Years Eve:)

Overall it was a great party and a night I will never forget. This party was the kick off to a great year!

Walking into the party. At first you hid your head in my chest but were grinning from ear to ear the whole time. You must have known there was a lot of fun in store for you!

 hanging on for dear life!
Me and aunt Sherry. So glad she was the photographer and captured this great night!
 Decorations were awesome pics of me growing up:)
 All of my friends from elementary school. 25 years of friendship!

 So glad your great-grandma and grandpa got to come up to Dallas and enjoy the party.

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