Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Growing so fast

There have been so many changes with you this week! You are now a self feeder and get annoyed when we try to spoon feed you anything. Last night your dinner consisted of shredded cheese, puffs and bread. Looks like Mommy needs to start stocking up on healthy finger foods for you and chunk all the baby food.

You are now consistently signing "more" which means you officially know "milk" and "more". Hopefully we can tackle "please next."

We are also working on the big transition from bottle to sippy. Sometimes you do great and sometimes you wave your hands around in front of you to block the sippy as if there is poison in it. I thought we had a while to work in the transition but Dealey just informed me that at 1 year you will be on sippy only at school and will sleep on a cot! Holy crap I cannot believe you are already moving out of a crib. We are so excited to watch you learn knew things and grow but its also bittersweet thinking about you not being a little baby anymore.

Here is a fun little video of you laughing at Daddy. Such a giggle box!

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