Monday, February 27, 2012

Our 3 Year Anniversary

February 21st was our 3 year anniversary. Although we celebrated in a very low key way this year (Pluckers Wings at home and Dance Moms on TV vs. Four Seasons Hotel last year) I have to say that it was my favorite anniversary yet because you were part of it. We all cuddled on the couch and watched our wedding video together. Its so amazing how much you have changed our relationship. We very quickly learned how to become team players (us against you sometimes:)) and are now in the swing of things as a family of 3. Your dad is such a wonderful father and my love for him has gotten even stronger after watching him interact with you. Cheers to 3 great years and many more to come with you now in the mix!

A piece of your dad's police uniform was my something blue.

 I carried my dad's UT ring in my bouquet as my something borrowed

 All my girlfriends. Some of us have been friends since we were 5 years old!

 Your dad's crazy guy friends!

 I love our church. Hopefully you grow up and get married here too!

 Keeping it real by showing our argument in the car on the way to the reception:)

 Our ceremony was very serious but our reception was a crazy party!

 Private last dance

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