Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Week Home

A lot of people say it is such a shock to bring a new baby home but for some reason your Dad and I felt like you had always been there. Things came pretty natural to us. You gave us a scare the very first weekend and taught us very early on that we will worry about you for the rest of our lives. You got a staff infection in the hospital and it took a few days for lab results to come back for us to understand what it was and how serious the problem was. It ended up being superficial and healed quickly with antibiotics.  Other then that minor hiccup the first week was great. You had more visitors, had your  first bath and spent tons of time in our arms.

Nana came to visit

Your friend Hadlin came to meet you. Me and her mom have been best friends since 3rd grade! One of my hopes for you is that you have amazing lifelong friends just like your Dad and I do.

Three generations of Colunga men

First bath in your tub. You were not a fan of baths in the beginning.

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